If we were to stop dreaming, we would not be Vintae

The only guiding compass we have at Vintae is the one which leads us to the best vineyards. And although we make wine in more than 15 designations of origin in Spain, we have never stopped looking at our land. There, in the heart of the Sonsierra, set among the best old Tempranillo vineyards, stands Bodega Hacienda López de Haro. The winery that makes us feel proud of our roots.

Classic philosophy, with a modern cut

Bodega Hacienda López de Haro is situated at the top of a hill in the historic town of San Vicente de la Sonsierra. A place that combines the excellent conditions of the grape with the essence of the Rioja wine tradition to create a wide range of elegant wines with their own personality. Wines such as the Hacienda López de Haro collection, made using traditional methods to convey the fusion between traditional and modern.

Raúl Acha

Technical Director of Vintae

Raúl has long lost count of the kilometers he has traveled in search of the best vineyards, since he started as Technical Director of Vintae more than ten years ago. Born in Cárdenas (La Rioja), his greatest passion is to reflect the character of each region through authentic and daring wines.

Octavio madurga

The Oenologist

Octavio is the mastermind behind cellar. His five senses indicate the path to excellence for the wines that are elaborated here. A 360º winemaker who likes to get his hands dirty anywhere from vineyard to bottling.

The cellar team

Behind every large winery there is a great team of professionals. Do not be fooled by what ours looks like, because without them Bodega Hacienda López de Haro wine would not be half as good.